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What is BYOD?

The term BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is used to define devices from an outside source. BYOD specifically categorizes laptops, tablets, and smart phones in the workplace. Any mobile device an employee brings to the workplace with an established connection to their corporate network is considered BYOD.

Why does BYOD matter?

  • Increased Vulnerability:
    • Without a policy to manage devices employees bring in your network, you are exposed to the individual decision making of each employee. (Their level of concern for the security of your network, may not match yours)
  • Increased Productivity:
    • Employees using their own device will generate satisfaction. Delegating workloads towards a single device for personal and business relieves the problem of carrying more than one device.
  • Cost Savings:
    • BYOD users are more inclined to upgrade compared to enterprise mobile devices and in most cases the latest and greatest. Small to mid-sized business also tend to be conservative when hardware upgrades are necessary.
  • Management Complications:
    • Supporting a BYOD network can be more expensive or time consuming on an IT Team. Without standardization, techs end up having to support a wider array of configurations than may be practical for the business model.
  • Increased Risk of Loss:
    • Employees are more likely to lose the device given it is used in personal and work life. Lost company data can represent a significant liability to a firm’s success. Mistakes will happen. We recommend adaptive help desk support for any mobile device.

Enterprise Control

Controlling company data through a mobile devices can become a challenge. In order to successfully mitigate complications in the future— Security measures are recommended.

  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware Software
  • Remote Device Locking and Wiping
  • Remote Data Card Wiping
  • Device Data Encryption
  • VPN for Mobile Devices
  • User Compliance Enforcement
  • Dual Persona (Virtual Desktop)

Delegate your BYOD needs as they will have pros and cons. Fortunately, CyberStreams can provide BYOD solutions for your business. For more information contact us for advise.

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