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How You Can Have IT That is Better Than The Big Guys

By:Christine Fettinger

White Glove IT ServicesManaged service providers (MSPs) are frequently used by small and medium-sized companies in every industry as they provide the maximum amount of IT services at an affordable cost. This fact may cause some to feel that affordable means bare bones, but nothing is further from the truth. Managed service providers leverage their costs of cloud computing across a number of subscribers. This helps keep costs low to subscribers while providing a robust offering of regular services.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are hardware owned by the managed service provider and software available to subscribers for a monthly fee or subscription rate. This yields a two-fold financial benefit on startup costs alone – if you choose to use an MSP you do not need to buy and amortize expensive software and hardware. This is done by the MSP. So, you avoid these expensive startup costs, but, your company can expense the subscription fees in the same year they are incurred so you can reduce the company income by the amount spent on the MSP.

Another advantage of an MSP is that company IT labor expenses are reduced. Patching, other maintenance, and repairs all are the responsibility of the MSP. You only need one to several (depending on company size) IT people on premises to fix cabling issues, orient new employees and help them to access the MSP with appropriate credentials for the levels they are allowed to be on at the MSP. They also install and maintain software that is enterprise-wide but not through an MSP. On-premise staff can also advise as to IT planning and new technology, though some MSPs will do this collaboratively with your company.

Other issues the MSP handles are:

  • Compliance;
  • Security/Patching of the programs they provide; and
  • Provide malware and antivirus software protection for your account on the cloud.

All-in-all, MSPs provide high-quality and robust services to their clients. There is nothing second rate about them. But, some firms feel they can afford more services from their MSP and while most MSPs will write them as an add on to an existing service, many are planning to release a “White Glove” type of service.

What Is Included in White Glove Service?

White Glove Service may be called “VIP’ or “Executive” services – whatever it is called it will be a higher and more involved relationship between health care provider and MSP. So, what may these services look like?

Service Priority

Certain clients may need head-of-the-line services before other MSP customers. This level of service has a premium attached to a company’s monthly cost.

Customer Experience Improvement Service

Everyone involved in online selling is aware that the better the customer experience, the more likely a site will have conversions. This service would examine from a customer point of view, user experience and make recommendations for improvement. For example, the amount of information for an order only requires name, address, shipping address, email address for order information and tracking, and payment information. But, other information you ask for in order to process an order includes age, sex, marital status and sometimes even more. As part of a VIP offering, it is possible to audit the customer experience and make recommendations such as removing requests for extraneous information from the ordering process.

Marketing Information

User experience assessment and improvement is an issue about how your site functions when a searcher is on it. Getting users to the site is another area that a VIP service covers. A solid MSP provider might assist in the marketing function by helping to do A/B testing of ads or place ads with online networks.

Usually, the MSP offers its special services on an a la carte basis in keeping with the underlying tenets of MSP that is to buy only services you need. Nevertheless, anything an in-house CIT and an IT department can do, you can use a versatile MSP to do at a lower cost. You get the same benefits that the big guys enjoy with far fewer headaches.

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