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Can Malware Infect My iPhone?

By:Christine Fettinger

Yes, but recent antivirus software and security patches for iPhone iOS are helping win the battle against malware attacks. Going back as recently as 2014, there were reports circulating of monster malware viruses – in particular, those discovered by Palo Alto Networks – infecting Apple devices to the tune of hundreds of infected apps and hundreds of thousands of people affected. Three years later, the chances of malware infecting your iPhone are decreasing, thanks to antivirus solutions like ESET’s award-winning Endpoint Antivirus, created by cyber security experts we’re proud to be partnered with.

malware iphone

We run mostly Apple devices at work – are hackers targeting mobile business phones?

Though your worry is somewhat well-founded, there are no known viruses specifically-designed for OS X or iOS in the wild. Viruses and malware still do infect Apple hardware like “unjailbroken iPhones” and Macs these days which has motivated companies like ESET and Cyberstreams to take action.

Notes Mark Green, of Oxford Brookes University, “iOS does a fairly good job of keeping programs isolated from each other which can prevent viruses being able to spread.”

All this is heart-warming for the average business iPhone/iOS user to hear, but problems still crop up, and just one infected and compromised mobile device can spell disaster, if it’s a business spyware attack that reads and exfiltrates data files filled with sensitive, compliance-regulated information.

Indeed, stealthy business spyware still exists, and can compromise your business’ security without you even realizing it.

Can an iPhone or iPad backup have a virus?

Says Quin Reiben of AppleCare, “Per Google, the definition of a computer virus [is] ‘a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.

It has to interact with the software itself to change the way it runs, and programs on iOS, the system [that’s] run on your iPhone or iPad, don’t do that. They aren’t allowed to. The only exception is if you have jailbroken your device, and few normal users seem to do that.

Your backups usually don’t even contain your operating software, but even on the off chance they do, they cannot contain a virus because of how iOS itself works.'”

Should I update my iOS version?

For all the reasons mentioned and more, everyone running iOS should update to the latest version of iOS, which is 10.2. You get all the security patches and antivirus measures in that version (though comparatively limited compared to ESET’s Endpoint Antivirus program), which is good news for individuals and businesses alike.

Can you help me with iOS and iPhone support?

Absolutely! Cyberstreams is well-equipped with all the tools, techniques, and know-how to keep business iPhone customers free of malware and spyware programs. As we mentioned, we can deploy ESET’s award-winning Endpoint Antivirus solution.

Contact CyberStreams at or (425) 274-1121. We’re the IT security professionals Seattle businesses trust to prevent iPhones from being infected with malware with our innovative cyber security solutions!