In business, if you can cast a bigger net to reach a larger audience, it’s considered a good idea – a win.  Unfortunately, hackers are now taking the same approach.

With c-level executives offering a higher payoff when compromised, sending out phishing emails to the general population at a company will likely increase your odds of ANY level of success.  While the data acquired in an executive breach will provide access to data that may do extreme damage, your odds increase when you hit up people who are “less on guard” of their access.

Generalize to Capitalize

Using generic or shared aliases to send a malicious link via email is one way that hackers are hitting up the masses.  Sales@ or Info@ are usually public, and emails sent there are going to be distributed to more than one person, making it easy for hackers to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Protect the Masses

Education and training are something you cannot do enough of at a company to reinforce secure cyber practices.  You must have a program that not only provides quick remediation but also provides ongoing training to inform employees of the latest tactics and threats used by hackers.

The odds are increasing every day that you or your company will be hit by a data breach, and you need to match that increase with an informed workforce.