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Regardless of the industry that you business operates in, technology is undoubtedly a crucial part of how you get things done. Small business offices need it to manage schedules and process documents, healthcare practices need it to maintain compliance with government guidelines, law and accounting firms need it to oversee finances, etc. Information Technology is […]

Many unknowing consumers are now asking if they are able to stop paying for online backup because of disaster recovery technology. The answer to this question: A resounding NO! This topic can be somewhat confusing to customers who don’t understand the difference between backup and disaster recovery. Modern disaster recovery has changed considerably over the […]

What is NAS?

NAS stands for network-attached storage. Instead of constantly having your computer store important data you can implement a solid NAS to separately for storage and backup onto your network. They’re used are used to store and backup all types of files, file sharing, and print sharing. Think of NAS as a computer appliance. Small business owners will often have two alternatives. Investing in […]

What is Shadow IT?

When we hear the term Shadow IT, we must think to ourselves. Great, another term we need to keep track of! We must not confuse BYOD and Shadow IT. BYOD is the act of bringing a personal device to interact with an existing IT work environment Shadow IT is hardware and software that is unsupported, often unknown in the IT work environment […]

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