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Ransomware Attackers Targeting Larger Companies For More Money

If you haven’t heard of the GrandCrab ransomware strain, it’s something you should put on your company’s radar.  It first emerged as a viable threat in early 2018. Since that time, its creators have been constantly tweaking and honing their approach, turning it into a devastatingly effective strain. The latest version GrandCrab 5.2 was released […]

New Windows 10 Update May Cause Gaming Issues

If you’ve installed Microsoft’s March 1st update for Windows 10, version 180G, be aware that a growing percentage of users are reporting performance issues that impact graphics quality and mouse movement. Granted, the issues seem to have the biggest impact on games, with gamers who play games like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty 4. […]

Survey Shows Identity Theft Is Common For Americans

How big of a problem do you imagine identity theft to be?  What percentage of Americans do you think have been impacted by it? If you’re like most people, whatever number you selected probably underestimated its impact.  In a recent survey conducted by nCipher, it was discovered that nearly 29 percent (17.6 percent) of respondents […]

Creator Of Popular Kids App Fined For Privacy Violations

The Federal Trade Commission just issued an enormous fine to a Chinese app developer for illegally collecting the personal data of the children who used it. The company was handed a staggering $5.7 million fine when the FTC filed a complaint alleging that the video-sharing app was in violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection […]