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Flaws In Several Adobe Products Could Let Attackers In 

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Two new critical flaws have been discovered in Adobe Acrobat and Reader that require your urgent attention. In fact, the flaws were rated as so severe that the company broke with its tradition of releasing security updates around the middle of the month in coordination with Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday”. They released an update sooner this […]

Adware Continues To Be A Major Issue On Android Devices 

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Google has been busy in recent weeks.  They’ve removed a staggering 85 apps from their Play Store when they discovered that they were pushing highly aggressive adware to the users who downloaded them. The apps the company removed were wearing a number of disguises, passing themselves off as everything from games, to remote control simulators, […]

Wannacry Ransomware Continues To Be A Problem For Some

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It’s been the better part of two years since the outbreak of the Wannacry ransomware epidemic.  Unfortunately, all this time later, some companies are still dealing with the fallout.  According to the latest research, Wannacry is still infecting hundreds of thousands of computers around the globe. As grim as that sounds, it’s not all bad […]

New Internet Explorer Exploit Currently Being Used By Attackers

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Are you still using Internet Explorer?  Now you have a new reason to consider switching to a more up to date browser. As most people know, Microsoft essentially gave up on Explorer after it failed to gain ground against its major competitors in the browser ecosystem.  They started fresh, with Microsoft Edge, designed as a […]

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