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Cisco Voice

CyberStreams, Inc. Voice Solutions Group is a premier Northwest certified provider and partner of Cisco the business telephone solution group. CyberStreams recommends Cisco voice solutions in many business situations because of Cisco’s sleek end-user design, high quality hardware, integrated feature sets, and end to end single manufacturer value proposition.

Cisco’s UC500 provides voice, data, voicemail, Automated Attendant, video, security, Outlook integration, POE, and wireless capabilities while integrating with existing desktop applications such as calendar, e-mail, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

CyberStreams is Cisco Certified to design, install, implement, train, monitor, manage, and maintain the UC-500 Series IP PBX phone system.

What are Cisco Small Business Phone Systems?

Unified Voice Communications for Small Businesses

Communicate effectively by reaching the right resource the first time. CyberStreams, Inc. can deploy an affordable, easy-to-manage communications system with Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business.

uc500_photoSimple to manage, the 500 Series supports up to 50 users (with expansion capabilities up to 64 users) in flexible deployment models based on your needs. It supports a wide array of IP phone models, public switched telephone network (PSTN) interfaces, and Internet connectivity.

An integral component of the Cisco Smart Business Communications System, the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business eliminates the need for multiple servers and combines voice, data, video, security, and wireless capabilities. It integrates with existing desktop applications such as calendar, email, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Integrated Smart Applications also help boost employee productivity.

Cisco Voice Communications Can Extend Your Workspace

Unified communications help companies contend with growing communication complexity and increasingly mobile workers who now work everywhere.

Employees, business partners, and customers now conduct business with a combination of voice, video, data, and mobility applications. They also conduct business across multiple workspaces:

  • From their desks
  • In conference rooms
  • In airports
  • In warehouses
  • In vehicles

Without unified communications, disparate voice, video, data, and mobility applications are not as effective as they could be. The result is information overload and misdirected communications that delay decisions, slow down processes, and reduce productivity.

Cisco Unified Communications Streamlines Communications

Cisco Unified Communications integrates applications to create a unified workspace that clears communications roadblocks by empowering people to choose when, how, where and with whom they wish to communicate. Cisco Unified Communications also:

  • Ensures that information reaches recipients quickly: Through the most appropriate medium, no matter where they may be working or what device they may be using. This results in more efficient decision-making, and cost savings through personal productivity improvements.
  • Helps organizations align communications more closely with business processes: By integrating unified communications functionality directly into business processes such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM), companies can transform processes and build bottom line benefits that are an order of magnitude greater than personal productivity improvements alone.

Be Productive Everywhere

Cisco Unified Communications uses the network as a platform for integrating communications with business processes. It drives business productivity and profitability with:

  • Instant connections: IP phones, unified clients, soft phones, and mobile unified communications give employees access to services everywhere there is a network connection.
  • More effective communications: Tools such as instant messaging, presence, mobility, preference, and unified messaging streamline communications and allow users to choose how, when, and where they can be reached.
  • On-demand collaborations: User-controlled audio, Web and video conferencing are integrated into Outlook calendar. This integration eliminates communication bottlenecks and facilitates collaboration across every workspace.

Integrated Applications for Ease of Use

Migrating to a unified communications system improves competitiveness while providing a substantial return on investment (ROI) and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO.) Cisco Unified Communications uses the pervasive reach of an intelligent network to align communications with business processes. As a result, employees can:

  • Access information easily: Your team can connect in many different ways, whether they’re at their desks, in conference rooms, airports, warehouses, or in vehicles.
  • Reach mobile colleagues and key decision-makers quickly: Being able to see which colleagues are available means that employees can reach the right resource the first time.
  • Communicate spontaneously: Communication applications are integrated with collaboration systems to enable point-and-click data, voice, and video conferencing sessions that use advanced collaboration tools like white boards and application sharing, all from a single, Web-based interface.