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CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (IT) industry. As a non-profit trade association advancing the global interests of IT professionals and companies, CompTIA focuses their programs on four main areas: education, certification, advocacy and philanthropy.

CyberStreams has always made staying on the sharp end of technology a priority. Our membership with CompTIA helps us to do exactly that. CompTIA provides us with leading industry research, training, and business contacts to make sure our customers don’t miss out on the best advice the market can offer.

Where CompTIA helps drive innovation

msp_partners_trustmark_associate_logo_300x250Cloud Computing: As more end users and business resources move to the cloud, CompTIA provides product and industry research to help CyberStreams know where customers should invest. CompTIA’s inaugural study on cloud computing in 2010 found that many companies were experimenting with this new strategy, but there was still measured investment and resource allocation from both end users and channel firms. The 2nd Annual Trends in Cloud Computing study shows that the hesitation is disappearing and companies are moving quickly past experimentation and into heavier use of cloud computing. The major points from the study give a foundation for understanding the shape of the cloud market today.

Standards-based networking architecture lets organizations pick and choose components that match their strategies and budgets. Switching solutions range from advanced modular core switches with up to terabit speed and multilayer traffic prioritization capabilities to stackable switches that combine flexibility with affordability.

Healthcare IT: Nine out of 10 doctors, dentists or administrators view technology as an important component of their practice. CompTIA’s 3rd Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities study was conducted to build on previous CompTIA research in the healthcare space and further explore HIT (Healthcare IT) trends, challenges and opportunities.

A small sample of key findings from CompTIA’s study include:

  • Three-fourths of healthcare providers expect to increase their technology spending compared to last year.
  • CompTIA data suggests 38% of healthcare providers have a comprehensive EMR/EHR system in place, while 17% have a partial system or modules in place. As expected, both figures increased over the 2010 iteration of the study.
  • The research generally points to a more positive attitude towards EMR/EHR among healthcare providers this year compared to the past.
  • Mobile devices such as laptop PCs and smartphones are firmly established in the healthcare space. The next wave of mobile adoption will focus on tablets. 25% of healthcare providers report currently using tablets within their practice. Another 21% expect to start doing so within 12 months.
  • Top challenges facing solution providers entering the healthcare market include gaining expertise in HIPAA, HITECH and related regulations and gaining technical expertise in EMR/EHR applications and related HIT products/services.

Green IT: For most organizations, green information technology (IT) is associated with concepts like reduced energy consumption, recycling obsolete products and waste, eliminating hazardous substances and reducing carbon footprint. But green IT can also entail practices that leverage technology to reduce business travel, use of shared resources like cloud computing and resource optimization like virtualization. CompTIA’s recent study on green IT found that organizations across a wide range of industries are increasingly viewing green as a critical factor when building and evaluating their IT infrastructure. More than three-quarters (76%) of U.S. organizations have formulated at least a partial green IT strategy, compared with just 60% of organizations in last year’s study.