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Cybersecurity – Bellevue


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Cyber Security for Your Bellevue Business

If you are a manufacturing company, don’t let IT security be the last thing you think about. Cyber security concerns for Bellevue area businesses are more important than ever to get a handle on before they cause you problems and money.

Ransomware and malware are on the rise and manufacturing businesses are not immune to it. The average attack can cost companies about $133,000 (source: Sophos). With the increasing amount of Internet-connected devices, manufacturing companies in the Bellevue area can have an especially large attack vector.

Manufacturing sector companies of any size need to prioritize cybersecurity now. The following activities are just a handful of what you should be doing:

  • Thorough IT checks done annually
  • Solid data recovery plan for all of IT infrastructure
  • 3rdparty penetration tests for the various network components
  • Ongoing vulnerability testing of your network

If you are one of the 50% of businesses that reveal that they are not adequately prepared to repel an outside ransomware attack, then you need to contact us today to discuss how our team can get you prepared.

Why IT Security is Critical in Today’s World

Professionals in all types of companies, including manufacturing ones are many times slow to adopt plans that expand IT security to every aspect of their business.

CSO Online reports that 92% of malware software is delivered through email. In addition to that, fileless types of attacks are very much on the rise & roughly account for 77% of the IT security attacks in 2017. IT security is difficult to maintain with fileless sorts of attacks since they really do not require the computer user to do a specific action like other malware. Simply visiting an infected page or site on the net or even just opening an email might be enough to infect them.

IT security for manufacturing companies in the Bellevue area should be a high priority because as CSO Online reminds us:

  • 2018 ransomware cost an average of $5 million
  • In 2018 about 54% experienced an issue with their industrial control systems
  • 61% had an IT security event with an Internet of Things (IoT) component

Only 25% of companies are reported to have a separate IT security group. This reveals that 75% do not have capabilities or a team in-house to adequately prepare, deter and recover from such an event.

Work With Our Highly Recommended Bellevue Cyber Security Business

Helping manufacturing companies with their cyber security has been a top priority of ours since 1999.

Give us a call, check out our client testimonials and many 5-star reviews to see how we can help your manufacturing business prepare for the worst.

Call us today at 425-274-1121 to get started on a cybersecurity review of your business and IT infrastructure.