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CyberStreams partner Teo announces new product release

By:Christine Fettinger

CyberStreams’ long-time Business Phone System and Network Services partner Teo Unified Communications recently announced the release of its new Unified Communications Architecture, as well as new Cloud and Cloud + offerings.

Teo is renowned for its 40 plus years of innovative telecommunication products. As an Elite Northwest Certified Provider of Teo Unified Communications Solutions, CyberStreams works closely with our clients to establish the appropriate telecommunication products that meet our customers’ needs best. In addition to several other phone system partners, Teo has regularly been an option we recommend to our clients.

The new Unified Communications Architecture, titled r3nd architecture, means that each component of Teo products will be independent and self-sufficient, capable of adapting to even the most extreme circumstances like network and power failures.

Responding to customer demand, the new Cloud and Cloud + offerings will bundle several services including Unified Communication applications, SIP trunking, long distance charges, and even support into a single vendor. Additionally, the Cloud + solutions will reassure businesses concerned with network interruptions, by providing a Unified Communications node that will remain operational regardless of interruption.

Both of these products are available immediately for businesses. For existing Teo customers, the new architecture will be updated automatically.

CyberStreams is excited about these announcements, as they will allow us to better serve future and existing customers and meet the specific needs of small and medium sized businesses. For more information on business phone systems or network services, contact a CyberStreams representative today!