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A Decade of IT Consulting with SonicWALL

By:Christine Fettinger

CyberStreams now enters the second decade of SonicWALL being its leading security recommendation to clients. This may seem a minor point, but few vendors stay on top and remain a good value for such a long stretch of time.

We’d like to take a moment to formally thank SonicWALL for staying so dang reliable over the past decade. (This goes back to when we sold the SonicWALL SOHO2 as our first unit with them.
If you remember what this is, +10 points for you).

The IT Consulting business has changed tremendously since then. For one thing, the money is no longer in hardware sales (Amazon and Google changed that many years back). What this means for us as a firm, is that hardware recommendations have turned from being an asset to a potential liability. If we recommend the wrong unit, we may lose the long term support relationship with a client (which is where we actually start to pay the bills around here).

This change has made us think a great deal harder about who we refer, and in most cases we’ve made changes in vendors (often 2-3 times over the past decade). So perhaps now you can understand what makes the relationship with SonicWALL so profound.

10+ years and they’ve never left us hanging.

Thank you!

Lets do 10 more.

– CyberStreams Inc.

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