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Endpoint Protection Is So Much More Than Just Antivirus Software

Multi-Layered Security Is The Key To Real Protection

Today’s malware threats are a totally different animal than the threats businesses faced just a few years ago. Current malware threats are sophisticated, dynamic, and often targeted. Stopping them requires security measures that can stay one step ahead.

ESET has been using proactive scanning technology for more than two decades, gradually building towards the incredible endpoint protection they now offer.

The More Multi-Layered Your Security Is, The Harder Cybercriminals Will Have To Work To Get To You.

Endpoint protection gives your business some great advantages over typical security solutions, such as:

  • Network Attack Protection – Protects against vulnerabilities that have yet to be patched
  • Exploit Blocker – Strengthens protection against targeted and zero-day attacks
  • Botnet Protection – Protects against botnet malware, and keeps it from launching spam and network attacks from your endpoint
  • World-Class Antivirus and Antimalware – Eliminates all threat types including viruses,
    rootkits, worms, and spyware – with optional cloud malware protection

Endpoint protection from ESET offers comprehensive network security that protects every possible entry point without slowing down your system. Their security management console gives you real-time updates on every aspect of your infrastructure, and provides a built-in Mobile Device Management component.

Cyberstreams is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible technology solutions – and it doesn’t get any better than endpoint protection from ESET.

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