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Enterprise PC: Is it Dead?

By:Christine Fettinger

The Enterprise IT world is drastically evolving. Look at your current workspace. Do you have a work PC? The answer is you must have a laptop, tablet, or a desktop PC. The initial drought of the Enterprise PC is due to rise of the tablet market.

Tablets become useful when consuming content. Users who create documents such as spreadsheets, heavy word processing, or any input of data will find themselves frustrated. Tasks that require accuracy now become productivity killers. By then you’ll regret leaving the mouse, keyboard, and that terrific multi-screen setup you have in your office.

Productivity is only half the story. Let’s not forget in early May Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP creating chaos for existing users. In the past enterprises were hesitant to upgrade their PCs due to economic factors. But now the situation has changed as the economy is improving. We are beginning to see SMBs updating old hardware. Upgrading Windows XP machines towards newer OS standards require new hardware requirements for Windows 8. Despite the push for Windows 8, Windows 7 is still dominates the OS arena.

The idea of a mobile PC has always been around. A great option is an ultrabook combining portability, usability, power, and sleek designs. Prices for ultrabooks and regular laptops will always demand more in cost versus a regular PC. Spending extra will allow weight savings with increased versatility.

The PC isn’t dead instead it’s been resurrected as the go-to form factor for enterprises. The Enterprise PC is indeed the most cost effective approach towards building a stable IT work environment. Tablets are a compromise to PCs and laptops. Instead they should stay in the consumer market while PCs and laptops should see a steady increase.

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