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ESET Antivirus

CyberStreams believes that eset_172x79running and managing security software should ensure smooth business operations, not get in the way. CyberStreams recommends ESET Endpoint and Server Security Solutions for its pairing of powerful content filtering with a lighter footprint on system resource consumption.

ESET relies on Real-Time Adaptive Scanning  instead of solely referencing a massive database of virus signatures. This process heavily leverages the heuristics data, identifying threats based on their behavior as well as having previously been caught. This not only allows them to catch new threats that might otherwise slip though, but it also lends to a significantly lower consumption of system resources, allowing your devices to focus on their core functions.

ESET CyberStreams, Inc. Network Solutions Group is a premier ESET Certified Partner serving the greater pacific northwest region. Contact a CyberStreams Account Manager today to learn more or get a quote.

Why ESET for Business?

The Live Grid™ automated file and statistics submission system gives ESET malware researchers an accurate global threat landscape around the clock. Our Virus Lab analyzes threat data to fine-tune heuristic and signature updates, eliminating new threats before they can do harm to your system.

Engineered to be fast, light and accurate, ESET network security solutions are among most effective malware scanners in the industry. Combined with global malware intelligence and unobtrusive updates, ESET users get maximum virus and internet security protection all the time.

Cross-platform protection

With ESET bundled business solutions, you can mix and match endpoint protection according to your actual needs. Deploy on Windows®, Mac® and Linux™ platforms, and protect all devices including computers, smartphones, tablets and servers.

Small system footprint

Small footprint solutions consume fewer computing resources, scan faster and generate less network traffic. Avoid disruptive system slowdowns that inconvenience workers, and keep them productive and working on your business.

Easy to manage

Easily deploy, configure and manage your security software from a single console and optimize your protection. Do away with time-consuming installs and upgrades on individual systems, and free your IT talent to focus on higher-value tasks.

Contact a CyberStreams Account Manager today to learn more or get a quote.