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Eset Antivirus

ESET endpoint security brings you flexible and scalable layers of protection that keep you safe, no matter what.

It’s no secret: cybercrime is rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated than ever before. You simply can’t afford to put security on the back burner, especially as more and more costly data breaches occur around the world – impacting companies of all types and sizes.

CyberStreams works with ESET to help you take advantage of endpoint security solutions designed to defend against sophisticated threats.

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We know you need multiple layers of security, which is why we provide ESET bundled business solutions – allowing you to choose the bundle that best suits your unique needs and upgrade whenever necessary as your company grows. The benefits are clear:

  • Prevent unauthorized access:
    A two-way firewall prevents dangerous unauthorized access to the network.
  • Take control of devices:
    A device control feature allows you to block specific device types, manufacturers, and serial numbers.
  • Filter access to websites:
    A web control feature lets you prevent access to suspicious and time-wasting websites for greater security.

ESET bundled business solutions also let you simplify purchasing as you’re able to reduce the number of individual licenses bought, renewed, and managed. Plus, you’re able to upgrade easily – starting from a fairly standard option to a more comprehensive option:

  • Endpoint Protection Standard: Protect all endpoints – from computers to tablets to file servers – against threats.
  • Secure Business: Add an extra line of defense to the options listed above with mail security that prevents phishing attacks.
  • Endpoint Protection Advanced: Get a higher level of protection with firewall, anti-spam, and URL content filtering.
  • Secure Enterprise: Take security measures to another level while safeguarding your HTTP/FTP communications.

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We’re here to help you safeguard against cybercrime and keep your business from experiencing a costly data breach.