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Exchange 2010 end user Features That Rock

By:Christine Fettinger

Exchange 2010 has lots and lots of great features. I could go on and on about how this technology can impact a business and how previously so many of these functionalities where with not available or a 3 rd party tool was required.

For me there are a few things that REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAILY:

#1 – Outlook ‘always’ connected to Exchange. Just like the way your PDA is always connected to Exchange, if you Computer is on the internet Outlook will automatically connect directly to Exchange via an SSL VPN connection. Outlook Web Access is great, in the end, Outlook is better. Not having to log in to a VPN of any kind to leverage the fully functional Outlook vs. OWA is a time saver and is just plain cool.

#2 – Outlook Web Access has so many great improvements. I am most pleased with the ‘Nickname’/’autofill’ funtion. This is the functionality where when typing in the name of an email recipient Outlook attempts to auto populate this field. In OWA previously this was it’s own working data base. i.e. the short cut auto fill options you had where only associated with emails you had originated in OWA…which basically means you were looking up the address for most anyone you were not ‘Replying’ to. NOW this little file is based on the Exchange server and available from either location. TIME SAVER!

#3 – Outlook Web Access again, the ability to see other network users calendars. So useful…what else can be said.

#4 – Outlook Web Access again, the ability to browse network folders. Technically in the last edition, however this saves so much time I want to make sure anyone reading this notices this great feature.

I could go on and on…but these are my favorites.

For more information please go to the Microsoft Exchange 2010 website:

The ‘meaty’ details of what is new in Exchange 2010:

Have fun!