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Extend a Partition in Server 2003 after adding Disk’s to an Array

By:Christine Fettinger

So I have a RAID array and I have installed another disk (or five) to expand it. After that I used my handy dandy RAID management tool (Dell, HP, Silicon Image, High-Point, etc) to expand the array. Now I look into Windows Disk Management and see that all my new space is available to format… BUT WAIT! I don’t want another partition, I want to extend an already existing and rapidly growing partition. Unlike Windows Server 2008 expanding the partition in the Windows Server 2003 Disk Management GUI is not an option. However there is a tool that is built in to Windows can be used without purchasing some sort of 3rd party “Super Magical Partition Expander 3000 Enterprise” program, this tool is called DISKPART.exe and this is how to use it:



n = the size, volume number or disk number that you need to figure out


1.) At a command prompt, type diskpart.exe.

2.) Type “list disk” to display the available disks (Disk 0,1,2,3, etc. you can cross reference your disk management GUI if need be)

3.) Type “select disk n” to select the disk that contains the target volume to be extend

4.) Type “list volume” to display the existing volumes on the computer.

5.) Type “select volume n” which will be the volume number you want to extend.

6.) Type “extend size=ndisk=n”

7.) Type “exit” to exit Diskpart.exe.


Here is what my most recent DISKPART usage looked like:


C:\documents and settings\administrator> Diskpart.exe

DISKPART > list disk

DISKPART > select disk 0

DISKPART > list volume

DISKPART > select volume 3

DISKPART > extend size=139545 disk=0