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Favorite Function of the Day: Vista, Windows 7, Office 2007 and Office 2010

By:Christine Fettinger

Microsoft has been slammed by a plethora of users from the MacWorld Keyboard Cowboy to the Microsoft Gold Partner. I want to shine some light on some of the great functionality brought forth by the handy people in Redmond.

Who has the same love/hate relationship with Print Screen and MS Paint? .. “I do… I do” (I hear you all out there). Let me open the pearly gates and welcome you to Screen Shot Heaven!

The following will allow you to:

– Take shots of any section of the screen

– Take shots of right click menus

– Use OneNote to copy text out of screen shots


1.) “Windows Key” + “S”

2.) Use the snip-it tool to select your screen selection

3.) OneNote will open with the screen shot

4.) Right click the screen shot and choose “Copy Text from Picture”

5.) Paste to destination email, document, etc.

Windows 7 had brought an array of new keystroke shortcuts and hot keys for your computing pleasure. The new ones are really useful, so take a gander at this msdn blog: