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Finally! A strong competitor with WebEx

By:Christine Fettinger

Web Conferencing has been a split market for a while now:

– Cisco’s WebEx is a great platform, yet quite expensive for a smaller business to implement across a limited staffing base.

– There are numerous free-to-use applications like that are widely adopted as costless alternatives.

– And while there are mid-priced competitors they sincerely fail to offer features that even remotely compete with WebEx.

It is for these reasons that we’ve stayed agnostic towards the web conferencing space and formed no major partnerships with vendors. Yet right now we are more than excited about the process of a much needed “middle path”.

As Microsoft’s Lync Online has matured, partners have now began offering very strong feature sets that at time trump WebEx, all while presenting more flexible and reasonable pricing structures.

Check out a feature to feature comparison here:

Lync Online Web Conferencing Comparison to WebEx

Perhaps even more interesting though, is the promise made around the corner. Microsoft partner InterCall is months away from releasing a full PBX replacement option that fully integrates to Lync Online and Office 365. While there is no 100% substitute for the quality of an on-prem business phone system, many business models don’t require such a level of performance, but still need a rich unified communications experience. Now it seems that will be possible in the coming months. We will be sure to update you as details are released.

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