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Firefox 3.5 released

By:Christine Fettinger

Last week, the latest version of the alternative browser, Firefox, was released. While initially planned as a smaller update, it grew into a fairly robust upgrade. A number of new features have kept it even, if not past, the new releases of other browsers.

The biggest change is the new engine, which does several things. It greatly increases the speed of Javascript applications. There is now support for all the latest standards, like HTML5. This allows all sorts of media content to be directly inserted and played within a webpage, without needing extra plug-ins.

There is a new private browsing mode, much like Internet Explorer 8. This allows one to surf around the web without recording history or acquiring cookies. There is also an option in the History section to remove individual websites from your browser’s history and temp files.

There is support for Location-Aware Browsing. This allows web applications to get your location, with your permission of course, and modify their content based on the location data.

Some other minor changes include a New Tab button that appears on the Tab bar all the time, and users can also move tabs from one window to another one.

Lastly, there are reports that the next version of Firefox will finally come in a 64-bit option, which should only help browser speed even more, especially on encrypted websites.