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Hybrid Cloud

What is Hybrid Cloud?

The term Hybrid cloud is an environment that manages server resources both onsite and in the cloud. Critical resources reside might reside onsite to provide a firm full control. While other workloads (such as email,, etc.) simultaneously leverage the affordability of cloud computing. Taking advantage of the best of both worlds (to use a cliché phrase).

Additionally, large firms that host their own ‘private cloud‘ while still leveraging the public cloud for their specific processes might often refer to this as a hybrid cloud deployment.

Why does Hybrid Cloud matter in a small business?

  • Often specific server workloads must be onsite to function as desired, but the rest of the work loads are cheaper to put in the cloud.
    •  This is often the case for companies authenticating user identities to a local server (Active Directory). Often while these work loads could be moved to the cloud, it would add considerable delay (latency) into daily work life for users. So a company might put all server roles in the cloud, excluding their local Active Directory and File Server functions.
    • A second example would be a firm’s Electronic Medical Records software will only run onsite (because it is niche and there isn’t a large enough market for the product justify public cloud options – yet). So a firm might put everything in the cloud, except for the EMR platform and other server products that need to frequently interact with the EMR platform at low latency.
  • Levels of need for control may vary by server function.
    • For example, if a firm makes a uniquely patented product. The server application that hosts their design process may need to be locked in a box, inside of a safe, with the key thrown away (metaphorically speaking of course!) Yet simultaneously, the banter and file sharing of low level marketing interns may not be the same level of a security risk. As such the firm might consider moving their Yammer, SharePoint, and OneDrive processes for the Marketing department to the cloud, while keeping their design team’s work onsite.

Information Technology Glossary

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Cloud StorageISP RedundancySaaS
CybersecurityMobile AppsVirtualization
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Office 365 Advisors Glossary

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