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Installing SBS 2008 Standard into an existing 2003 Standard Domain

By:Christine Fettinger
  1. Make sure your Forest and Domain are in native 2003 mode.
    1. Go to Active Directory Domains and Trusts of your PDC
    2. Right click on Active Directory Domains and Trusts, ‘Raise Domain Functional Level’ to Server 2003
    3. From within Active Directory Domains and Trusts
    4. Right click on the domain and ‘Raise Domain Functional Level’ to Server 2003.
  1. Run the SourceTool.exe from the SBS 2008 Tools disk
    1. This will prep the domain and forest for adding the SBS server, you will likely get an error which is the update failing that allows you to have two SBS box’s on the domain for 21 days for migrations.
    2. Create an answer file by running SBSAFG.exe file in the blanks with the appropriate info for the new SBS server.
    3. Move this answer file to the root of a USB drive and name it SBSAnswerFile.xml (
      very important it won’t work if you don’t name it correctly).
  1. On the SBS box plug the USB drive in and start it the answer file should be found automatically.
    1. Important the wizard will come up if answer file is not found in this case turn of the SBS box and verify the file is named correctly and at the root of the USB drive. If you even start the wizard you will have to reinstall for it work again.
    2. Another gotcha is that you will need to be on the same subnet as the current PDC otherwise you will not be able to proceed.
    3. Once the answer file is running if you choose ‘unattended’ you will have and hour or more for it run through.
    4. When it is done you will have your SBS 2008 box joined to the domain and all the FSMO roles will be on it.

Conclusion: Once setup this design works great but, during the setup there are some important steps that need to be done correctly otherwise it will fail or you will have issues the whole time.