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Internet Explorer 10 release for Windows 7

By:Christine Fettinger

On February 26, 2013 Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 was rolled out in a massive auto-update campaign.

IE 10 has been described as faster and more stable than previous IE for Windows 7, as well as being more standards- compliant. This is big news, as Internet Explorer, which had struggled in the past, is now expected to run as smoothly as Chrome and Firefox.

The big emphasis in this release of IE 10 has been focused on IE 10’s speed, usability, and variety of supported HTML5 and CSS3 improvements. Microsoft claims that this new version of internet explorer is 20 percent faster than IE 9 for Windows 7, and at least 60 percent more standards compliant.

So, CyberStream’s question now is how will Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 do in the workplace? Ryan Gavin, the general manager for Internet Explorer at Microsoft, feels optimistic about the workplace adoption of the latest Internet Explorer. He feels that the short time frame in which they have been able to offer the update places IE in a good position with businesses.

One thing to consider when looking at Internet browsers is compatibility. While IE 10 seems up-to-date and efficient, it has only been released for Windows 7; users who have older operating systems will have to wait for another option. Despite this, CyberStreams is excited to see where IE goes.

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