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Iphone 3Gs have been released

By:Christine Fettinger

The newest installation of Apple‘s iPhone, the 3Gs just hit the shelves on June 19th. While the new model may seem physically identical to its predecessors, it does pack in a lot of changes under the hood. The camera has been upgraded to 3 megapixels, offers customizable focusing options, and most significantly now allows for video recording. Note though that a flash is still lacking and little improvement can be expected when using the camera in a dark setting. In terms of hardware, the 3Gs offers a much faster processor which promises to run and load applications up to 2x faster than before and the graphic chips have been upgraded to allow more intricate detail and better 3D graphics when gaming.

Somewhat smaller innovations have also been included in this release, such as voice control which allows to play music or call contacts in response to vocal commands. A compass is also included exclusively on this model, which although somewhat innovative may not be too useful considering the phone already has built in GPS capabilities. One may wonder if these hardware changes and new features will prompt existing iPhone owners to spend $200-300 for the upgrade (for the 16 or 32GB models) and resign a 2 year contract with AT&T. For new users though, it may seem reasonable when considering that the original iPhone cost nearly 3 times that much upon its launch in 2007