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The iPhone and the Future

By:Christine Fettinger

The newest version of the iPhone is out and I believe we can officially call it better than the original. I mean to get existing iPhone users to pony up the cash to purchase the latest model it needed to be, plus the list of apps grows daily. It’s pretty amazing that you can have everything from voice command apps, to speedometer app, to a thermometer app, that all works well on your go anywhere phone. This trend that the iPhone has made usable,of anywhere access to useful information, will rapidly continue as we embrace new technologies. Imagine the not to distant future where you will be able to will be able to coordinate what’s for dinner, calendar appointments, car maintenance, TV programming, home temperature, etc…. All of this from your car’s computer which is connected to the internet via your iPhone, imagine being able to accomplish all of this while you are stuck in rush hour traffic for the typical 2-4 hour commute everyday! I know what your think ‘that is how accidents happen’ but, what I am talking about is a fully responsive voice operated computer that sync’s with your home server more and more people are adding to allow you to do this.

I know that this pushes technology/efficiency to a whole new level but, look at how far we have come over even the last ten years. Look at a cell phone from 1999 versus an iPhone, the difference in the amount of technology added is incredible. In my humble opinion we are just getting started! I see the home server being the command center for everything we do from eating, to TV, to driving, to shopping. Everything we will do will be centered through and around the decisions it helps us make daily. Most of us are already tied to our computers and phones with a fairly short leash, this just brings all these leash’s together to become one. Just as we do now with our cell phones and computers we will one day think, what would I do without my server. This is already the case for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Becoming a reality at home in my opinion is the next logical step. You have already heard what I think so what do you think? Try thinking of the future today and what it will look like for you. What do you imagine?