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IT Augmentation & Backup (ITAB) Services

What value do ITAB services provide, and how would ITAB services compliment your business?

ITAB stands for IT Augmentation and Backup – another one of the many IT consulting services that CyberStreams Inc can provide to its cleints. The ability to properly and proactively respond to your company’s IT needs in the following probable situations:

  • IT personnel project assistance
  • IT personnel unavailability for off hours support
  • IT personnel loss/hiring transition
  • IT personnel vacation/sickness coverage
  • IT personnel compliment of specific and/or comprehensive experience/knowledge


What do you get with our ITAB service package?

CyberStreams _Vid ITAB

  • Discounted hourly rates for projects External IT expert sounding board for unlimited participation with internal IT/operations personnel
  • A backup IT team with comprehensive IT knowledge, skills, and experience who keep track of the latest trends in information technology and specialize in business to business technology.
  • Initial “Network Audit” designed to capture and document critical network information for seamless backup support.
  • 6-month updates to “Network Audit” to ensure up to date information is available for seamless backup support and recommendation scenarios
  • Updated Master Service Agreement (MSA) kept on file which includes: prepared non-disclosure, service pricing, and standard working relationship documentation
  • Installation of rM-cubed Services (attached document), 7X24 monitoring of critical system components, full access granted to internal IT personnel
  • “Client Portal” client collaboration portal access for managing work priorities and improved management visibility on IT tasks and projects
  • Access to standard hourly rates for emergency support during regular business hours
  • Access to a wide variety of quality computer services and network services.

* backup 8×5 real time help desk live and phone support for critical end user needs available for $50 per month base fee.

Our commitment for our ITAB partners/clients:

  • To be a resource to your team to optimize budget and at the same time maximize IT operations
  • Help your team to minimize and eliminate systems outages and down-time
  • Be of assistance to help identify potential problems and resolve before problems occur
  • Foster your team to provide the most stable environment with maximum value to the business
  • Help your team find new ways to use technology that will benefit the business
  • Assist your team to provide high quality, measurable results
  • Be a trusted IT resource for your IT personnel to use when necessary

How would ITAB services benefit your business?

  • Improved IT personnel retention
  • Smoother and more efficient operations
  • Fewer IT operational disruptions
  • An outsourced team of experts available for your IT team to lean on for assistance at any time
  • A clear picture of systems status of internal and external IT work performance
  • Better alignment of business and technology