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Lync for Mac Update and Troubleshooting

By:Christine Fettinger

As you may have heard, Lync for Mac just came out. Office 365 has released an update for Enterprises covering such features as
support for SharePoint Business Connectivity Services and Windows Phone 7.5 support. However, this update is of particular interest to Mac users, because it finally offers a complete list of features that were once reserved for their PC counterparts.

According to the Office 365 website, Lync for Mac now allows users to:
• See their colleagues’ online presence while working in Outlook or collaborating on Office documents
• Utilize instant messages
• Start video chats
• Schedule an online meeting through Outlook

So how do you get your update? Download “Lync for Mac 2011” here and follow the prompts as shown below:

1. Click the Microsoft Lync icon on your desktop


2. Double click the “link installer” when the window opensup

3. Press “continue” to “be guided through the steps necessary to install this software”

4. Continue, and agree to the terms if you find them acceptable.


5. Enter your computer’s password to activate installation

6. Allow it to finish installing

7. Now is the time to sign in. Use your Office 365 email and password, and for the user ID, either your email address or your full name (with a space in between) should work. Click “sign


You should be connected! If you are confident that you have entered your information in correctly but are still unable to sign in, here are a couple things we found that helped the problem:

1. Fill in your login information, but before selecting “Sign In,” click “Advanced” at the bottom of the window. When a new window pops up, select “Manual Configuration” and enter your
Internal and External Server names (these may work). If you are unsure of what your server names
are, contact Microsoft Support (1-800-865-9408), or if you are a client with Cyberstreams, we also have willing staff ready to assist you. Once you have entered this information, select “OK” and attempt to sign in again.

2. If you still can’t log in, and are receiving an error message regarding your “Logon Credentials,” the issue could be with Microsoft itself. As plan maintenance is still not quite complete, there are a few intermittent issues expected to arise. After receiving this error message, I closed Lync and attempted twice more to log in; though the submitted information was the same, it worked the last time. If it comes down to it, attempt to send the
information a couple more times to account for this margin of error.

Though PC and Mac users tend to remain passionately loyal to their company of choice, the equal opportunity availability of tools such as Lync will only make collaborating in the workplace more convenient for everyone.