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Macs: Taking Over the Office One Device at a Time

By:Christine Fettinger

Ever wonder how Macs stack up in the BYOD (bring your own device) world compared to PCs?


BYOD is growing and your company needs to embrace both. Macs are storming the offices and there will always be that niche Mac device. It also varies as we’re starting to see an increase of Macs in startups.

Our recent visit to a startup helped us discover that they prefer the hardware quality of Mac products compared to laptop PCs. That was not the only reason as poor warranty and customer support deterred them from laptop PCs.

Macs in general cost more than PCs. If you’re into hardware specifications; look elsewhere, because the bang for your buck mindset does not apply with Apple products. Instead, user satisfaction and increased productivity is the main driving force behind BYOD for Macs.

According to Forrester Research:

  • More than 1 out of 5 (21%) of 10,000 surveyed Information workers use one or more Apple device at work
  • A mixture of more senior, higher paid, and younger workers are more likely to use Apple devices for work
  • IT support for Apple Mac personal computers is significant and rising
  • The number of Apple BYOD-ers doubles to 2 out of 5 professionals (41%) for those with the title “Director of IT” or higher

Statistically BYOD users Mac and PC are more likely to purchase new cutting edge technologies. In Cisco’s BYOD study:

  • 95% of survey respondents said their organizations allow employee-owned devices to some degree.
  • 76% said BYOD was somewhat to extremely positive for workers and the company as a whole. While, at the same time, creating a challenge for IT departments.
  • 84% said that their company provides tech support for employee-owned mobile devices to some extent.

Now what happens on the Mac side? The upfront investment towards a Mac infrastructure is only one hurdle. A company needs to adapt and invest in Mac oriented tools for management. Given the fact that cross-platform tools typically lose functionality.

It’s true that Apple has done very well in maintaining a perception of increased security. Make no mistake; Mac products are still susceptible to security threats. Purchasing a Mac device does not make one immune to security threats. An alarming 97.5% of Macs don’t have antivirus installed. Cybercriminals target SMBs because they lack IT funding and resources to safeguard their sensitive data.

What should you do? Invest in an IT solution. Facts state that it takes roughly 1 admin for every 300 Macs. Train or deploy the right experts. Most find Macs easy to use but they are not self-supporting. PC guys just don’t understand Macs. It’s easy to disregard a product that is more expensive and sometimes change is a tough pill to swallow. CyberStreams knows Macs.

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