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Mobile Apps

What is a Mobile App?

Mobile app is short for “application software”, is comprised of small computing devices such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps are designed to comply with various screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations.

A typical desktop computer will have an operating system (OS). Mobile devices also have an OS such as IOS, Android, and Windows Phone OS. It’s safe to say users will have the option to download mobile apps for extended functionality, accessibility, and efficiency. Compare a mobile OS to a miniature PC. An easy place to discover mobile apps include the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and Blackberry App World.

Why do Mobile Apps matter?

  • Data is often stored for quick access by fetching info through GPS location-based services, order-tracking, ticketing purchases, and credit card information.
  • Mobile apps can boost productivity, efficiency, and user satisfaction.
    • Mobile apps are designed for smaller devices which means no more zooming in and out on a full screened website.
    • For example, checking the balance of checking account. As most will understand that navigating a website on a mobile device can become difficult. This is where Mobile Apps can become useful. A common banking Mobile App directly prompts the user for credentials.

As we share more information through the cloud, we should consider mobile apps as an easy way to store and receive information. Consider mobile apps as an alternative when compared to native desktop applications.

Information Technology Glossary

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Office 365 Advisors Glossary

Below here we have an additional glossary from our partner site Office 365 Advisors.

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