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Need help setting up your TEO IP Phone 4104? Look no further!

By:Christine Fettinger

Got questions? We have answers!

Once and a while every office worker has to face that nightmare – setting up new technology.

Whether it is new software, computers, or business phone systems, sometimes updating tech feels like it hurts your productivity more than it helps. With a little know-how and advice from the CyberStreams team, you can quickly navigate this process and get back to work!

Our office recently updated our old phone system to the TEO UC Mini Server and got the new IP 4104 phones. The new phones are shiny, modern, and sleek! But as always, they came with their own set-up hiccups.

If you have a new TEO IP Phone at your desk, and have questions about topics like:

  • Dialing out
  • Setting up your voicemail
  • Accessing your voicemail remotely
  • Configuring your extension buttons

then this blog can help make your life a little easier. This post will walk you through the basics of getting your phone set up quickly and painlessly.

Let’s Get Started:

Your new shiny phone is sitting on your desk. You may be asking, “Where do I start from here?”

Making calls and dialing out:

Like many office phone systems these days, the TEO IP Phone 4104 is set up automatically to call within the company. To call someone in your organization, you can just pick up the phone and punch in their extension.

Unlike your previous phone, the TEO IP Phone 4104 does NOT require you to dial 8 or 9 to call out. Simply punch in the phone number. You will hear a long pause between when you enter the phone number, and when the phone actually starts ringing. If you want to eliminate this wait time, you can always press the“send”button that appears on your LCD screen once you start dialing.

*Note: While a prefix number (ie 8 or 9) isn’t required, it is still an option within the TEO configuration. Organizations with phones that can or are accessible to the public or outside of a group designations may prefer to have a dialing prefix assigned to the phone to prevent unauthorized dialing out. Check with your IT administrator if this is the case.

Checking and Setting up your Voicemail:

To use your voicemail press the button labeled “Voice Mail”(in red below).This will take you to a menu of options where you can listen to voicemails, record a new greeting, and change your voicemail settings.

TEO Phone

To record a voicemail greeting, press 0 for “advanced options”. Instructions will be given for recording. Essentially you can record up to 9 different greetings. Once you have recorded them, you can select which one plays.

Accessing your Voicemail Remotely:

TEO phone systems have an online component where you can easily configure elements of your phone. These three steps will allow you to access your voicemail remotely:

  1. Log in to the website using your extension and password. If you do not have the website to log into TEO already, contact your IT administrator.
  2. Once you have logged in to the website, you will see a black box on the left hand of the screen with a list of various phone configuration functions. You only need to deal with the section called “Device Assignments”

    In Device Assignments, you first have to select the device you are configuring. Make sure that at the top of the screen it shows that you have selected “4104” as your device (See image below).

  3. Further down the page, you will see a box labeled “Voicemail” (see picture). Check this box, and be sure to save your settings at the bottom of the page.

TEO Web 1

Now, your voicemail is configured to allow you to access it remotely. To check your voicemail when you are away from your desk, simply call your company and enter your extension. You will hear your recorded voicemail greeting. While this is playing, select “*”.

There is also an option to have voicemails sent via email. This topic will be covered in a later blog.

Configuring your Extensions:

Your phone has 12 configurable buttons on the device. They are initially set to ‘nothing’, so you can personalize them as desired with a few quick steps!

  1. Return to the Teo site you were at before, and navigate to the “Device Assignments” section again. Make sure that under “Device Type” at the top of the page you have selected your 4104 phone.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a tab for “Multifunctioning key settings” (see image below). You can configure these buttons to auto-dial any extension you want by clicking on the desired line, and entering the extension information.

TEO Web 2

On our phone system, we already configured buttons 1-4 as part of a systems test. I don’t want to keep these settings now that the test is over. To delete button settings, hover over the desired row. An “X” will appear on the far right side (see image below). Clicking the “X” will delete the settings for that button.

TEO Web 3

Still Running in to Problems?

If you have more questions that are not answered in this blog, check out this quick Help Guide to TEO phone systems:

For more advanced issues or questions, contact CyberStreams Business Phone Group today. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, our engineers provide high quality consulting and support for businesses IT Support and Phone System needs.