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Network Attached Storage Backups (Questions/Answers)

By:Christine Fettinger

Network-Attached Storage Is Just ONE Part Of Data Backup – What About The Rest?

If you’re relying only on network-attached storage for your data backup needs, then you’re not doing enough.

Are you sure that network-attached storage (NAS) is the be-all, end-all of data backup? Admittedly, NAS technology offers a powerful way to both promote collaboration through simple data sharing in your office, as well as implement a single level of backup capability.

But that’s just it – it’s only a single level, which isn’t enough when it comes protecting the integrity of your data. Real confidence in a backup solution comes in knowing that it has fail-safes and redundancies in place. By adding another layer of backup capabilities past your local NAS device, you ensure that you have a backup for your backup.

The Problem With Local Backups

The fact is that conventional backup solutions present a number of risks and issues for small to medium-sized businesses like your clients, including:

  • Conventional tape storage can’t keep up with the exorbitant amount of data used by companies today.
  • Regular onsite storage is treated as a capital expenditure, whereas a cloud solution is operational, a much easier expenditure to budget, gain approval for, and manage.
  • The costs associated with data loss are simply too great for most businesses to deal with and often result in bankruptcy.

Regardless of the many potential causes of data loss — power outages, cyber attacks, hardware issues, and human error — it’s the end result that matter most to your customers. Lost data means more work and more delays, all of which will affect their bottom line.

Partner With Cyberstreams for Robust Backup

Cyberstreams provides an unbeatable backup solution from Datto, an industry leader in backup and business continuity thanks to their near decade of experience and comprehensive expertise in the field. Many — including the Cyberstreams team — consider their systems to be the “next generation” backup systems for the following reasons:

  • Image-Based or File Based? – Datto uses an image-based backup.
  • Local, Cloud, or Both (Hybrid)? – Datto utilizes both local and off-site (cloud) virtualization to serve their customers. This gives you, the client, the speed of local backup recovery with the resilience of cloud-based backup.
  • Can files be opened and used in the cloud? Yes, and full server images can be virtualized in the cloud
  • Are backups tested/verified for validity? Yes, and a screenshot of the backups and verification can be sent to client’s email address.
  • Can the service be easily upgraded as my business grows? Yes, Datto has the capability to give seamless backup and business continuity growth that matches your company’s trajectory.

Ensuring that your mission-critical customer data and systems have a full and accessible backup in the cloud is one of the first steps in creating an actionable plan for recovery. Benefits of cloud-based backup include:

  • Affordability: You will save money that would otherwise be spent on hardware and data centers.
  • Rapid Recovery: Get back up and running in a matter of hours after an emergency event.
  • Flexibility: Configure the cloud backup to work when and how, for specific areas of your business as needed – you can even make changes in real time.
  • Compliance Support: A reliable backup solution is an integral part of your compliance with industry regulations.

The Power Of Hybrid Backup

Only a hybrid data backup solution – involving both your NAS device and a robust cloud solution — guarantees reliable uptime for your business. You have the option of either a complete virtual restore of your systems and data, either in your offices or a temporary secondary location depending on the circumstances, or a local restore from physical on-premise servers. Traditional backups can’t offer that level of flexibility.

Traditional backups also may not be secure. Backups managed and stored locally are vulnerable to corruption and theft – both digital and physical. End-to-end encryption is a core part of business continuity and protects data both in transit and in the cloud. No matter where your data or where it’s going, it’s protected against unauthorized use.

Your data is your business’ most valuable asset. Without it, your operations are left at a standstill. The chances that your business could suffer catastrophic data loss and manage to recover without a reliable and well-tested business continuity solution in place are very slim. Businesses that aren’t able to recover fully – and quickly – often face permanent closure within months of a data loss incident. Are you willing to take that risk?

What are you waiting for? With your applications and data stored in the cloud, you’ll ensure you always have secure, easy access to a data backup of your essential resources.

Get in touch with Cyberstreams to partner for robust and reliable data back up. Reach out to us at (425) 274-1121 or