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Top 3 Questions To Ask When Outsourcing Your Network Services in Seattle

By:Christine Fettinger

Looking to Outsource Your Network Services in Seattle?

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Have you finally deciding that outsourcing your network services in Seattle is the best option for your business? You’ve probably heard how it can help to make management easier, improve tasks, and keep your more secure than ever all while cutting costs. And it’s true! But you need to make sure when you’re looking for the right support that you know the right questions to ask.

If you go in blind, many IT companies will try to take advantage of you – locking you into a contract with inadequate services and high prices. Getting the right network services in Seattle is crucial, and by asking these 3 questions you can easily find the right match for your business.

  • How Closely Will You Watch Our System?

One thing some businesses worry about when switching to outsourced IT is whether or not their systems will be properly monitored once they’re no longer in their hands. What if you knew that the right IT team would keep your systems monitored 24/7? We’ve got eyes on your network at all times so that if an issue arises it will be immobilized immediately – before it causes downtime.

  • Will We Be Kept in The Loop?

Regular meetings can do wonders for your business. Keeping in constant contact with your IT company gives you time to ask any questions you might have about your systems and allows them to let you know about any maintenance or upgrades they’re providing. It’s crucial to know how you’re being protected, and we value open and conversational partnerships with all our clients.

  • What Isn’t Covered in Our Support Contract?

This is a big one. You can’t always take what companies are selling at face value – you really need a good eye to look over your support contract to ensure nothing is being left out. Is your IT company trying to charge extra for services that are essential, or leaving out applications that are going to cost extra later? Make sure you go over your support contract and that it includes everything you need. We gear our services towards your industry requirements to give you the best support available.

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