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Office 2011 for Mac: Hello Outlook goodbye Entourage!

By:Christine Fettinger

Well, we have all heard all the hoopla about the death to Microsoft‘s email client Entourage. For some it will be easy to forget, and to others it’s Mac-ee UI may be missed. Fortunately for me and Windows network admins everywhere, the new release of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac is very exciting. Finally a comprehensive email client that will connect to the best email server on the planet. There is no doubt that Pro-sumers, Residential and Professionals alike will be switching to the new system with haste as it will prove to have a many of the missing functionality that we all yearned for in Entourage, including:

– Presence anywhere

– .PST file support

– Office Web Apps in the Cloud

– New Office Ribbon UI

There is rumor that Microsoft has bastardized the feature/functionality list within the new Mac based Outlook client and may not be as good as the PC based Outlook we know and love today. I am confident however that it will be far better than any other Mac based email client we have dealt with in the past.

Look out for Microsoft Office 2011 at the end of October 2010.

Interface Leak Pictures: