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SkyKick Migrations: Office 365 Migrations

CyberStreams Inc. Network Solutions Group is a premiere provider and partner of SkyKick migration application suite. CyberStreams partners with SkyKick for migrating our customers to Office 365. The SkyKick process brings our customers cost reductions and reduced uncertainty during Office 365 Exchange Online Migrations. CyberStreams recommends SkyKick because of its ease, reduced time and risk, and controllable cost structure. Skykick offers seamless migration projects specifically designed to address the unique migration scenarios that exist across small and medium sized businesses. This means that our customers get personalized, cost effective solutions without the headache! If you’ve considered moving to Office 365, but held off due to the cost of the migration, times have changed. Give us a call now to discuss what it might cost to move your team to Microsoft Office 365 today.

How does SkyKick work?

SkyKick works on a holistic, all in one approach that makes migrations easy and effective. The graphic bellow visually demonstrates the steps in the process, wherein the friendly character in the middle represents your CyberStreams Engineer, coordinating the process:

Office 365 Migrations

Moving a business to Office 365 is no small task. That’s why CyberStreams strives to offer you the most effective and efficient options for Office 365 migrations.

In a SkyKick Office 365 Migration, we work closely with SkyKick to establish a personalized migration plan that matches your business needs. Then, while SkyKick handles the migration application on the back end, we ensure that the migration flows smoothly on your end. With SkyKick, you get a no-downtime, managed migration that lets you keep business running as usual!

After SkyKick has finished the migration, we stick around to make sure that your environment is set up in a way that works for you! The services we offer, such as SharePoint Design and Development, Office 365 Consulting, remote IT monitoring, and regularly scheduled maintenance plans, make sure that long after the migration is complete your IT is still in good hands! Click on the services buttons in the diagram above to learn more!

An example of a SkyKick/CyberStreams migration for a business like yours:


To learn more about SkyKick and CyberStream’s Office 365 migration systems, visit our Office 365-specific branch, or contact us today!