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PaaS (Platform as a Service)

Platform as a service provides the user with tools to design applications. PaaS allows application development and deployment through selected platform tools. Most PaaS services will provide server hardware and network infrastructure so that businesses can focus on their products or services.

Examples of PaaS include Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine where the architecture is designed to facilitate real-time cloud environments.

Why does PaaS matter in small business?

Developers will have the ability to create mobile apps, social apps, and even websites. These building tools are capable of development and real-time testing through PaaS environment.

Legos compared to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

For the purposes of this example we will compare SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to Legos. Legos never come assembled unless you’re at the Lego store. Every Lego product will contain the critical components necessary to complete the model. And of course―instructions!

What does it need? Form of direction, interaction, and instruction sets just like PaaS, they need someone to build it.

Lego Assembled (SaaS): Instructions, Assembled, Includes Lego pieces

With SaaS the Lego is assembled. Someone assembled the model for you (IE going into the Lego store and admiring the pre-built models). Just like SaaS you’ll never see the service behind the scenes―point and go.

Lego Pieces (IaaS): No Instructions, Unassembled, Includes Lego pieces

With IaaS you get Lego Pieces that come with no instructions, unassembled, buy what you need (the Lego pieces). You buy genuine Lego pieces that guaranteed to fit with others. Legos attach and build on other Lego pieces. Build whatever you want!

Lego Builder (PaaS): Instructions, Unassembled, Includes Lego pieces

This model is your typical Lego model that comes with the exact number of pieces necessary for assembly. For example, you purchased a Lego fire truck model. The fire truck model includes Lego Pieces, unassembled, and instructions.

Below you will find a service chart. This chart provides a general service overview of On-Premise, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Service Chart Complete

Information Technology Glossary

3G/4G/5GHardware RedundancyPersonal Cloud
Agile DevelopmentHybrid CloudPrivate Cloud
Big DataIaaSPublic Cloud
BYODInternet of Things (IoT)Redundancy
Cloud StorageISP RedundancySaaS
CybersecurityMobile AppsVirtualization
Geographic RedundancyPaaSWeb Apps

Office 365 Advisors Glossary

Below here we have an additional glossary from our partner site Office 365 Advisors.

BlacklistsFederationOffice Pro Plus
Cloud ComputingForefrontSaaS
Dial-In ConferencingIntranetService Health
DNSLync OnlineSharePoint Online
Exchange OnlineMigrationSLA
ExtranetOffice 365 PortalWhitelists