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Palm Pre First Thoughts

By:Christine Fettinger

Yes! I have a Palm Pre. And it was easy to get too. I just walked into the Sprint store Saturday afternoon after the lines were gone and grabbed one. I guess some places sold out, but I picked the right place.

So why am I excited about it? Well, I hate to bring up the IPhone like everyone else has, but you kind of have to. Sprint finally has an IPhone equivilent device on their network. And it some ways it even surpasses it. It’s not bogged down by the aged UI of a Windows Mobile Phone, and uses simple efficient integration tools unlike those Blackberrys. It has a great size and screen. The keyboard works really well, despite it’s small size. It has true application multi-tasking so I can look at another app while the first is loading. And hopefully the app store will take off like the IPhone one has.

Now obviously there are some missing features, like tethering and flash support. But it is the first release of the new WebOS. Palm has already said some of these features are coming by the end of the year. Also the app store could fill in some missing items in time too. The one big missing work related feature I need is Sharepoint support. The browser that is built-in always brings up a blank screen when connecting to our Sharepoint server. Hopefully either a browser update, or a alternative browser app will come along at some point.

For now though, it’s a great phone to test with, both for business and home. Looking forward to more updates and applications.