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Private Cloud Storage: Windows, Mac, Rsync and Synology NAS make sweet computer love.

By:Christine Fettinger

Oh my, I have got myself all excited about this one. It really is a milestone for network configuration and cloud backup for companies and people looking to keep their private data within their own hardware. Depending on what you think of being expensive this could look like a lot of hardware. However, if you are scared of housing offsite data with known Cloud Backup providers like Amazon S3, Intronis, Mozy, or BackBlaze this is relatively inexpensive, particularly if you have hardware capable just laying around.

In this configuration I have many users running Mac’s that want to be sure that in a disaster all their content is safe. The Mac’s will utilize the Time Machine functionality of the Synology device and store all backups in the Time Machine Backup directory setup within the Synology UI. The NAS will also store backups of Windows Servers and host files in some locations. In my case we have Site-To-Site VPN tunnels from all the locations to the COLO and it allows us to do all of this backup over those tunnels securely. However, if you don’t want to setup a Site-To-Site VPN tunnel you can do this over HTTPS.

The Server (Windows Server 2008 x64) will be configured with DeltaCopy (Rsync for Windows) that will run as Rsync server and allow you to setup Rsync Directories for all these remote Synology NAS devices with or without authentication. Once you have all the Directories setup you will be able to mount them using your Synology UI as Backup locations and schedule your backups accordingly.

How to Download and Setup DeltaCopy

Setup Procedure: (see attached pictures for reference)

1.) Install DeltaCopy on offsite Windows Server & Configure Directories (DeltaCopy Service account should have access to these directories)

2.) Configure Synology Backup to “Network Backup (rsync compatible server) set to IP of DeltaCopy Server & choose Rsync Directory

3.) Set Backup Schedule

Possible Imperfect Scenarios to be Remediated:

– Mac’s doing Time Machine Backups to USB HD’s

– Windows Servers doing Backup to Tape and/or SAN/DAS

– File Servers doing backup to Tape and/or SAN/DAS

– Backups are scattered throughout the organization some without network access

– Want Cloud backup but your company or personally will not store data in the cloud without it being on company owned hardware.

Dream Scenario:

– Mac’s do Time Machine Backups to Synology NAS

– Windows Servers to Backup to Synology NAS

– File Servers to Backup to Synology NAS

– Remote Offices to Backup to Synology NAS

– Synology NAS backup to Windows Server with large DAS or SAN in Offiste COLO

– R-Sync client on Synology connects to DeltaCopy (Rsync for Windows Server) @ Offsite COLO and manages backup

– All managed using Synology web consoles