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Our Preferred package focuses on the core priorities
of the network and provides proactive IT management on a budget. If your internal IT guy is overwhelmed, we can augment your current IT department.

We monitor, manage, and maintain all of your network devices, servers, PCs, and laptops 24/7. This allows you to be proactive on network issues by detecting issues early before they impact your workflow. Routine pre-scheduled management of your network and server is included. You’ll receive a discounted rate on all scheduled onsite visits and free travel time. Helpdesk is available.

With this package, you can control your IT budget better. If something does go wrong, Preferred clients take priority although labor spent on unexpected IT issues is not included in this package. Because of the limited proactive attention given to the network, IT failures that affect business operations are unusual with downtime significantly reduced.

Pricing is based off of the number of end users and hours of engineer visits. We provide complete transparency into everything we do for each client via detailed monthly invoices and reports.

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