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Publishing Editable Spreadsheets in Excel Services (MOSS 2007)

By:Christine Fettinger

While researching possible solutions for automating Excel Spreadsheets over the web for a few clients we have found that MOSS 2007 users may benefit from the simple parameter functionality of Excel Services. However, many may have assumed that Excel Services allows full editing of spreadsheets over the web, but in reality it is very limited. To fully edit a spreadsheet you will need to download, edit and publish it back to the SharePoint library. To enable the simple updating of your worksheets do the following.

Name Your Cells

  1. Open your spreadsheet Office Excel 2007
  2. Select the “Formula” tab
  3. Select the Cell you would like to make editable within Excel Services
  4. Click the “Define Name”
  5. Name the Cell

Publish and Enable Parameters to SharePoint List

  1. Click the OFFICE button
  2. Publish >Excel Services
  3. Navigate to your SharePoint Site’s Document Library
  4. Select “Excel Services” Options
  5. Navigate to the “Parameters” Tab
  6. ADD the Named Cells that you want to be visible within the Excel Services web browser view

Now you will see on the right pane there will be a Parameters list for your users to update and apply.