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Can You Trust Your IT Company With Your QuickBooks Setup?

By:Christine Fettinger

Just about every IT company knows how to secure your network, set you up with a business continuity plan, optimize your equipment, help you migrate to the cloud, etc.

Quickbooks Setup

But do they have any idea how to help with your QuickBooks setup?

Installation isn’t always as easy as clicking the “OK” button a few times.  Problems you might run into while setting up QuickBooks include:

  1. It finished installing, but it just won’t start

This is one of the more frustrating issues you can run into: you complete the installation process, but for whatever reason the program just won’t start.

Sometimes a quick reinstall is all it takes to resolve this issue. Other times, a more involved solution is necessary. You might not be able to Google your way out of a problem. You might need professional support.

  1. An impossible maze of error messages

Maybe you don’t have any trouble getting through the initial installation, but you can’t get much further before an Error 1328 pop-up prevents you from progressing.

Hit “Retry” and you’re presented with the same error, hit “Abort” and you’re presented with a different error and you still can’t move on, and hit “Ignore” and you’re right back where you started. When you run through your only three options and nothing works, what do you do next?

  1. Lost documentation

Issues with QuickBooks aren’t always the fault of the software itself. In fact, user error is just as common a source of trouble.

Is there a way to avoid purchasing another copy of QuickBooks if you’ve forgotten your log-in credentials and you’ve lost the documentation that would otherwise prove the copy of QuickBooks you already have is rightfully yours?

A lot of IT companies, despite having considerable knowledge about technology and software in general, just don’t have that much experience working with QuickBooks. {company} actually does have extensive experience with QuickBooks.

We’ve run into just about every issue you can have during installation a dozen times over, so odds are if you present a problem to us we’ll know how to fix it immediately.

Contact us at {phone} or {email} for more information about our QuickBooks-related services.