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Are There Reliable IT Companies In Bothell To Take Care Of Our Small Business?

By:Christine Fettinger

Small businesses often don’t have too much room in their budget to spare for their IT infrastructure.

Reliable IT Companies In Bothell

These limited resources often result in small businesses skimping on the maintenance that is necessary to keep their equipment reliable.

When IT equipment fails, every aspect of your business is affected for the worse. You end up paying employees to do what they can while waiting for their equipment to get fixed instead of being truly productive.

An unreliable network will also drive clients to find business elsewhere in Bothell. It’s only natural for your clients to get frustrated when the service they’re paying for isn’t available, especially when they need assistance.

Our managed services will improve productivity and allow you to always be there when a client needs you.

  • Cyber security: you only hear about cybercrime in the news when mega-corporations like Home Depot or Target are affected, but unauthorized access and data loss is a problem for small businesses as well. Every year 1 out of 5 small businesses are attacked online. Stronger security measures will protect you from such attacks
  • Email filtering: one common way for a network to be infiltrated is through email. Cybercriminals will try to trick your employees into installing malware by hiding it in an attachment or outbound link; these attempts range from obvious spam to complex and convincing phishing schemes. We’ll block malicious messages from ever getting to your inbox, so there isn’t even a chance an employee falls for a scam and accidently infects your network
  • Disaster recovery: downtime is inevitable: eventually you’ll be hit by one of many possible disaster scenarios (hardware failure, power outage, virus, flood, fire, etc.) that interrupt projects and threatens the health of important files. Our data backup and disaster recovery services uses a hybrid approach (one copy onsite, one copy stored remotely in the cloud) to ensure you’re able to restore your files no matter what happens
  • Remote monitoring: {company} will help you quickly recover from disaster, but our first priority is to be proactive and maintain your equipment so that there is nothing to recover from in the first place. We’ll remotely monitor your network to ensure your hardware is running at optimal levels, and we’ll also check for suspicious traffic and catch viruses before they do any significant damage.

{company} knows how to secure your network and enable you to recover quickly from a disaster.

We provide premium IT services to businesses in Seattle, Bothell, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Everett, and all of Western Washington. Contact us at {phone} or {email} for more information about our services.