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Trend Micro

CyberStreams, Inc. Network Solutions Group is an authorized Trend Micro Channel Solutions Partner. CyberStreams, Inc. recommends Trend Micro endpoint security solutions because of its robust features, low management costs, minimal interference, and integrated packaging. Trend Micro provides:

  • Secured data and reputation
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Business continuity despite rapidly increasing and ever-changing security threats

Trend Micro is a global leader with over two decades of expertise in endpoint, messaging and Web security. CyberStreams, Inc. designs, installs, implements, trains, monitors, manages, and maintains Trend Micro endpoint security solutions.

What is Trend Micro?

After over a decade of experience with the Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Security solutions, CyberStreams, Inc. has found that Trend Micro provides one of the most comprehensive, secure, easy to manage, minimal interference, and reasonably priced antivirus solutions on the market.

All of the product lines that CyberStreams, Inc. recommends have been evaluated to be the simplest to manage, fully secure, and easiest to use. This allows CyberStreams, Inc. to minimize management labor required for our clients, and at the same time provide them with the highest level of security a business needs to operate effectively. By minimizing labor time, we are able to pass this on to our clients in the form of minimized costs. Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Security solutions are primarily recommended and used with CyberStreams, Inc. industry changing Fixed Rate Service Contracts (FRSC).

trend_micro_worry-free_business_security_advancedTrend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Security solutions protect our client’s business assets and reputation from identity theft, cyber criminals, and many other web threats. Powered by the Smart Protection Network, the solutions block spam and other threats from reaching our client’s workstation and server; stop web threats without slowing performance; and require minimal user administration-so our client’s can focus on business instead of security.

Every small business is different, that’s why Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security solutions provide a single console that allows CyberStreams, Inc. to effectively and easily manage your security and is designed to address your specific needs:

Key Features:

  • Fast Scanning: Trend Micro™ Smart Scan detects and removes the latest threats, giving you continuously updated protection with minimal impact on users’ PC performance.
  • Block Inappropriate Websites: Gain extra protection from web threats by blocking exposure to risky websites, and help keep employees focused by blocking access to offensive or non-work related sites.
  • Global Neighborhood Watch: Automatically identifies new threats and feeds back security-related issues or events to Trend Micro using Smart Feedback technology, speeding resolution of threats for all users.
  • USB Device Threat Prevention: Prevents viruses on USB devices from infecting users’ computers.

Secure the Open Door

Like many businesses, our clients rely on the web to help compete effectively, generate revenue, and serve customers. The Web opens the door to business, extending their ability to communicate and improve productivity. However, the web and email communication that are so vital to our client’s business also expose it to liability and risk. Web-based threats increasingly cause financial damage, identity theft, loss of confidential information, productivity hits, theft of network resources, damage to business reputation, and erosion of customer confidence. That is why protecting our client’s business assets, customer information, and company reputation is critical to successful business operations.

Move from Outdated to Updated

Trend Micro™ Worry-Free™ Security solutions protect your business assets and reputation from conventional threats like viruses, spyware, spam and phishing. They also help defend your business from the latest web threats, including identity theft, risky websites, and cybercriminals. Worry-Free Security increases protection while minimizing the drain on your PCs caused by conventional security solutions. For example, conventional pattern or signature file matching security slows PC performance-and productivity. Those methods cannot keep pace with the rapidly escalating number of web threats. Choose a smarter defense with Worry-Free Security, which includes web threat protection available only from Trend Micro.

Increase Security with a Worldwide Neighborhood Watch

Web threat protection functions like a virtual neighborhood watch. It uses a unique web reputation database from Trend Micro to capture the threat experiences of our customers worldwide-from consumers to large enterprises. Each attack on an individual PC adds to our database and understanding of website reputation, malicious files, malware behavior, and spam sources. Our experts and technology then protect subsequent users from those threats and their sources.

  • Every day, Trend Micro scans almost three billion websites for threats.
  • Each day, we prevent customer exposure to two to three million infected websites.