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4 Secrets Other Seattle IT Services Companies Are Never Going To Share with You

By:Christine Fettinger

Not All Seattle IT Services Companies Are Honest with You!

Seattle IT Services Companies

If you’re starting to get the feeling that your Seattle IT services company is holding back, you’re probably right. Many IT companies will try to get by doing as little work as possible, telling you half-truths to lock you into a contract and leaving you with insufficient support for your business. You need a team that will be upfront with you, provide the services you need, and never leave you in the dark.

What are other Seattle IT services companies neglecting to tell you?

Regular Maintenance is Essential

It’s not hard to see why some companies would leave this out – they want to get you set up and then disappear, putting in as little work as possible. But technology is always changing and your IT systems need regular maintenance and monitoring to keep it performing at their absolute best so that your business functions at its peak.

You Can’t Just Protect Your PCs Anymore

PC protection is indeed essential, but it’s not sufficient to cover just that. Today you do business from many locations and with several devices – meaning your information is stored in several places, and all of those need to be protected too. Mobile device management is essential to ensuring that your data is protected when it’s accessed on smartphones, laptops and tablets. If your IT services company is giving you the minimum protection, it’s time to move on.

Disaster Recovery Plans Will Save Your Business

Accidents occur all the time – be it unintentional destruction of hardware or natural disasters such as weather – and you need to know you’re covered in case your systems are compromised. We back up all of your important data so it’s easily accessible whenever you need it. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans can save your business from downtime, lost wages, and loss of clients’ trust.

Strategic Planning Improves Efficiency and Cuts Costs

Unlike many IT services companies, we work with your budget and unique industry requirements to craft a strategic IT plan to help your business thrive. You’ll always be kept up to date on system maintenance, future upgrades, and any important details about your system.

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