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SharePoint Websites by Multinational Brands

By:Christine Fettinger

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The day has come where SharePoint has made its way to front door of the WWW.

Tonight, as I was reviewing SharePoint design across the web, I found some great sites that I thought I would share. Feel free to take a gander at some of the sites (below) that are currently being used across web as the preferred web platform for many business verticals.

It is apparent that the functionality, system integration capabilities, and deployment success found with SharePoint 2010 has accelerated its climb against .NET, WAMP, and LAMP based CMS’ currently toping the charts. It is an obvious solution for Government, Education, & Big Business, however its success in the brand focused Small & Medium markets have also been surprising. MSFT the Giant can pat himself on the back and attribute recent market permeation to the their large Cloud push & SharePoint feature additions. We should also recognize that its ability to bridge the gap between the Back Office and ever important: company brochure, collaborative space, & social presence a company projects on the web.

Chris Carruthers
SharePoint Consultant | Network Engineer