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“There is a Shortcut for that” – Keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving IT tips from the pros

By:Christine Fettinger

At a recent staff meeting, a TED Talk featuring Tech Columnist for the New York Times David Pogue was brought up as a potential link to send clients. The 6 minute video features Pogue’s top 10 time-saving tech tips. Pogue emphasized that unlike many other things in life, we are expect to just “get” computers. Most business users were never sat down and told how to use computers – we have figured it out through trial and error. Because of this, there are many small, time-saving tips that the average computer-user may not know about. These tips might seem obvious to some, but can make all the difference to others!

David Pogue: 10 Top Time Saving Tech Tips

In addition to Pogue’s advice, your friendly IT pros at CyberStreams have a few tips of their own to weigh in on. I have decided to focus on tips and shortcuts for using Windows 8. As it is the latest version of Microsoft Windows, many people have probably not had the chance to sit down and figure out all the shortcuts. These tips can make using Windows 8 faster and easier, and will make you feel like an IT Pro!

  • Customize your start screen. Your start screen comes preprogramed with certain apps. These are easily moved and added to. You use a unique set of programs, so why waste the time searching when you can pin them to the start screen? For more on this, see our blog post outlining the process of pinning the Outlook App to a Start Screen.

  • Need to find an app, setting, or file? Press the windows button to return to the start screen. Once you are there, just start typing, a search will start automatically!

  • Want a screen shot? You can automatically store your screen shot in your pictures folder by holding down the windows key and the print screen button.

  • Can’t get over the lack of a start button? Several developers have created programs that essentially give you back a start menu similar to Windows 7. Check out:


    Pokki for Windows 8


    Classic Shell

  • Can’t find items that used to be in the start menu such as “Control Panel”? If you don’t want to install a start button program, but still want an easy way to get back to the functional aspects of the old start menu, use “Windows Key” + “X” to open a quick access menu that will give you Command Prompt, Disk Management, File Explorer, Run, and more.

  • To see all the programs currently running, use “Windows” + “Tab”.

  • To minimize everything quickly, use “Windows” + “M”

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