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Shrinking MS SQL .ldf files from Sharepoint

By:Christine Fettinger

Small Business Server 2003 comes with Sharepoint installed and yet no management software for the SQL portion. Consequently the log files can grow and fill up the system drive. To check for this look in:
The sharepoint databases contain sharepoint in the name, making them fairly easy to pick out.

Download and install MS SQL Server Management Studio Express:

Start the program and in the “Server Name” field specify:


Expand “Databases” and choose the database with the same name as your offending .LDF file (such as SharePoint_Config_Unique_Random_string).

Right-Click on the database and select properties. Under Options change the Recovery Model from Full to Simple and hit OK.

Right Click again on database, select “Tasks” -> “Shrink” -> “Database”
Your database should quickly be much smaller.

Selecting Simple recovery carries some risk of data loss; the following MSDN page will list the differences so you can decide if the risk is worth it for your company: