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Skype For Business PSTN Conferencing


We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to help us communicate more efficiently and effectively. Microsoft Office 365 has addressed this need with Enterprise 5 with the introduction of Skype for Business PSTN conferencing.

The Skype for business PSTN system allows you to manage and coordinate a cloud PBX solution that can be used to assign individual phone numbers in your organization, enabling calls to be made from in our outside of the organization. The PSTN platform allows voice calls to be conducted across smartphones, laptops, and any other Skype for Business device, with all of the convenience of traditional call-handling features.

To learn more about enhancing your communications with Skype for Business PSTN conferencing give the pros at {company} a call at {phone}.

Enterprise 5 has brought more innovative improvements and new solutions than ever available before with the Microsoft Office 365 suite, with one of the highlights being Skype for Business PSTN calling capabilities. Benefits of this service include:

  • An Easy Migration – moving to the Skype for Business platform is an easy migration process involving only your Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business cloud PBX licenses. Once those are in place calling packages can be selected and numbers assigned. To make it even easier {company} can oversee the process for you.
  • Flexible Calling Plans – customize your calling plans to meet your needs with both domestic and international plans. These individual packages make it easy to pay only for the amount of calling you will do, and avoid paying for any you won’t take advantage of.
  • Bring Your Existing Numbers With You – if you wish to do so you can bring your existing numbers with you to the new service, porting them from your current service provider.
  • Convenient Call-Handling Features – with the Skype for Business platform you are able to take advantage of all the call-handling features you have come to rely on, including hold, mute, call forward and call transfer.
  • A Cost Effective Solution – everything we do is about getting good business value for our investment. Costs can be cut considerably with the Skype for Business solution, while still having an industry-leading solution that provides dependable means of communication.

To learn more about these effective solutions, or partner with an IT team that can help you implement, maintain, and manage your communications give the experts at {company} a call at {phone}.