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Small Businesses Face Network Security Risks Through Wi-Fi Routers

By:Christine Fettinger

How secure is your business’ WiFi? According to a recent study conducted by Independent Security Evaluators, your Network Security might be more compromised than you think.

The Baltimore-based research team found that more than a dozen Wi-Fi routers commonly used in homes and small businesses have significant security holes. Lead researcher Jake Holcomb described these routers being used in small offices as being “very vulnerable to attack” and “not a means to protect your network and your digital assets.”

Holcomb’s research team revealed over 56 router security vulnerabilities and exposers that affect popular routers. These vulnerabilities will be demonstrated at Defcon 21 this weekend.

So, what does this mean for small businesses?

  • Small Business router administration often employs weak or static passwords. One step businesses can take to increasing their network security is changing the network name and password regularly, and using complex, hard to guess passwords.
  • Many people view routers as something that you set up once and forget about. This is not the case, however. Unlike your PC, routers are not programed to automatically update firmware. This means that to protect your network security, you periodically need to manually update your router.
  • Consider consulting a Network Services specialist. At a certain point, it is inefficient for small businesses to devote their staff’s time and energy to maintaining network security. IT Consulting Companies offer specialized Network Security services that let small and medium sized businesses maximize their IT budget and maintain secure information.

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