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By:Christine Fettinger

 SonicWALL’s New TZ Lineup: Keeping Hackers Out of Your Network & Away From Your Confidential Data…

SonicWALL’s new TZ lineup is the 6th generation of firewalls for small and medium sized businesses – offering 4x performance compared to their predecessors. Why the performance increase? Because bandwidth speeds are growing tremendously, and nowadays, a couple seconds is an eternity. You need a firewall that keeps hackers out of your network and away from your confidential data – without sacrificing speed and performance.

Take a look at the performance increases compared to the previous generation of firewalls:
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Plus, the additional of SSL inspection and decryption is completely new to this line-up. Interested in learning more about SSL DPI? Click here.

What makes SonicWALL’s new TZ lineup the right choice to keep your network safe?

Cybercrime jumped 146% since 2014, and as we speak, 45% of PCs are infected with malware. You simply can’t afford to depend on traditional firewalls anymore! That’s where SonicWALL’s new TZ lineup comes in handy – offering:

  • A higher level of security: You get content/URL filtering, gateway anti-virus, intrusion prevention, anti-spyware, and anti-spam services all in one convenient solution.
  • Greater control for applications Application intelligence and control lets you ensure bandwidth is available for business-critical applications while blocking others.
  • Scanning without slowing down the network: Traditional firewalls tend to slow the network down while scanning for threats; however, the TZ series examines traffic across all ports without slowing the network down.
  • More flexible remote access: the TZ series provides native VPN remote access for Apple, iOS, Google, Android, Mac OS, and Linux – delivering full malware scanning of SSL encrypted traffic, as well as application control.

Do you want the latest and greatest Dell SonicWALL firewall? Contact CyberStreams at (425) 2_74-1121 or send us an email: CyberStreams is a premiere SonicWALL partner for over 12 years – helping you setup and configure the right firewall to protect your company.